Facilitation, sales training, and inspiration. All derived from Harris Kenny’s real-world experience building and running businesses.


Program managers in startup accelerators and education bootcamps want a fresh perspective on sales and marketing for go to market. Inform your participants.

Small BIZ

Owners request Harris’ help facilitating workshops with strategic stakeholders to identify needs, goals, and the path forward. It helps to have an independent mediator.


Executives and managers are looking to engage and motivate their employees with a results oriented and fresh perspective. Get the most out of your team.

It’s easy on a big videoconference call to talk at people and not personally engage — for it to feel a bit sterile. I host many, many people on these workshops, so I sincerely mean it when I say Harris is gifted at it. Energy and high volume of information are the keys to a great workshop, and Harris nailed both of those things!

Hannah Frankman, Program Manager

I was thrilled to have Harris Kenny present to our sales team. We got unique perspective into understanding how our clients look at things, best practices utilizing CRMs, and tips on how to create interest and create value. Overall, it was a great presentation on how a true relationship approach creates and builds meaningful relationships and business partnerships. Thank you!

Gabriel Arebalo, Senior Vice President

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