I’ve had the privilege of working with startups through Fortune 500 companies on a variety of projects over the years. Rather than listing a bunch of logos, here are select quotes from colleagues and clients about their experience working with me, in their own words:

Kimberly Gibson, Chief Marketing Officer

Our team greatly appreciated our time together with Harris. We all felt it was effort well spent and clarified a number of things we had been working towards. Frankly, it was nice to have Harris lead the process of discovery. Huge thanks for that.

Rhonda Grandy, Senior Marketing Manager

Kenny Consulting Group delivered our website assets in a timely and professional manner. What really stood out was the effort Harris put into communicating details, as well as taking direction to match our companies brand and market audience. We will definitely work with Harris again for future projects.

Steven Abadie, Chief Executive Officer

Harris is a high performing self-starter with a consistent drive to achieve high reaching goals. He is a thoughtful leader with a undeniable ability to lead successful individuals and teams, with authenticity. Through his strong communication abilities, emotional intelligence, and analytic research he was able to define customer needs and recognize market changes. Harris’ acumen… Read More

January Paulk, Director of Information Technology

Harris is an organized, efficient and extremely competent individual. He has excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, which allows him to build rapport with people of all ages. Harris has the ability to identify areas for improvement and takes the initiative to make the improvements when necessary. He will do whatever it takes to… Read More

Liam Kirby, Program Manager

I have had the pleasure of working with Harris and he has consistently proven to bring a strong sense of professionalism and foresight to the equation. He pioneered a new line of business between our two companies requiring him to step beyond his standard responsibilities and in doing so helped cultivate a mutually beneficial partnership.… Read More

Erica Fingar, Senior Marketing Campaign Manager

I have worked with Harris for the past year in the 3D printing industry. Harris is an insightful marketer with a strong knowledge base of the industry and key players. Harris is very collaborative, helpful and seeks the win-win in any situation. His laid back demeanor makes him very accessible, but it is his marketing… Read More

Len Gilroy, Senior Managing Director

Harris is among the most talented, knowledgeable and enthusiastic professionals I’ve had the pleasure of working with in my career. He delivered his projects in a timely and high-quality manner and was very receptive to feedback. He also built excellent working relationships with internal project managers to streamline and expedite service delivery and production.

Cynthia Bell McGillis, Director of Revenue Operations

Harris is probably one of the most affable people you’ll ever meet and an extreme team player. Always willing to help, even if what needs to be done didn’t relate directly to his own work. Our office was virtual, but Harris always responded promptly to emails and requests. He was (and I’m sure still is!)… Read More

Kaitlyn Ly, Senior Product Manager

It’s rare that you come across such a well rounded individual like Harris… Harris maintained a thoughtful and data-driven approach to solving (complex problems) and he was always eager to take on a new challenge; both of which make him an incredible asset to any team. His passion for learning new technologies is contagious and… Read More