Fractional Sales and Marketing Executive Services

I offer my expertise as a fractional sales and marketing executive. In other words, I’m a part-time or contract-based resource to help grow your business. My clients are typically pursuing their next stage of growth, releasing a new product, entering a new market, reversing a decline in sales, or transitioning during a period of change for the business. 

I specialize in institutional sales to businesses, schools, and government agencies, both direct and through channel partners. Institutions like NASA,  Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Nucor Steel, Red Hat, SpaceX, C.C. Filson, Rockstar Games, Apple, Ford Motor Company, Denver Public Library, Google, Cirque du Soleil, Eastman Chemical Company, Stanford University, Salesforce, and the United States Marine Corps.

My clients’ buyers in these institutions are typically:

  • Engineers developing next generation products
  • Educators leading research and job preparedness
  • Executives driving digital transformation

Collaborating with talented colleagues, I’ve helped bring products and services to market like: 3D printers, GPU servers, copolyester filament, CAD file management software, Linux laptops, out-of-warranty OEM repairs, multi-modal learning mobile apps, operating systems, ERP and CRM implementation methodologies, and single-board computers.

Customer Definition

It’s important to know who your customers are. And I don’t mean broad statements like “we could sell to anyone” or narrow statements like “I talk to this one customer every day.”

I mean avatars of the types of customers you serve in the form of Ideal Target Prospects and Personas. Understanding their job function and responsibilities. What they aspire to achieve. What stresses them out.

Effective customer definition is the first step of conducting outbound sales or marketing. Let’s do this through qualitative interviews with your staff and customers, and quantitative review of your numbers.

Channel Programs

Channel and partner sales are essential to scaling revenue. Defining a channel strategy is a critical first step (including agreements, terms, margins, and support).

With this, let’s make the most of your inbound inquiries and existing channel partners. Finally, going out and pursuing new deals that will grow your company to the next level.

From single-person retailers in mountain towns to major channels like Amazon, Micro Center, Digi-Key,, and CDW, I understand the opportunity and the risks associated with scaling up through channels.

Conversion Optimization

You are leaving money on the table. Everybody wants to go out and talk to new customers, have new conversations, and fill the pipeline. It’s easy to overlook the conversations that are already in progress.

A small percentage improvement on your conversion rate at the bottom of your sales funnel will have an out-sized impact on your sales. And it’s inefficient adding more leads to a poor performing funnel.

Let’s audit your e-Commerce checkout, sales processes, and technology stack (including your CRM, email marketing, landing pages, productivity tools, and more) to find deals that are within reach right now.  

Employee Performance

Scaling your business requires having a capable, accountable, engaged, and high performing team. Most of the founders and executives are too busy to drive continuous improvement in these areas as years go by.

Having an annual performance review process where everyone gets a 3 out of 5 score is as useful as having nothing at all when it comes to improving employee performance.

We can review tools two-week sprints and the Objectives and Key Results to see what approach works for you. Then measure, coach, and manage improved performance help grow your team and your business.

Next Steps

The benefit of working with a solo practitioner like Harris Kenny on strategy through execution is that you get access to proven resources, templates, and collateral, while working alongside someone who gets the responsibility of hitting payroll. Spark your interest? Let’s talk!