Kenny Consulting Group offers contract-based sales and marketing executive services that help founders and executives grow their businesses. We deliver additional energy and expertise during periods of change for businesses (e.g. new products, markets, or ownership).

We specialize in building internal processes and supporting customer-facing interactions that enable institutional sales to businesses, schools, and governments. We help close deals with organizations like Ford, Salesforce, Apple, NASA, Amazon, Nucor Steel, Microsoft, Qualcomm, SAP, Red Hat, Google, Stanford University, and the United States Armed Forces.

Services are offered in three tiers of ranging depth: Advisory, Execution, and Ownership. We utilize value-based pricing to ensure alignment with each client’s goals and objectives.


Offering a consultative perspective for founders and executives during key periods of change for their businesses. These engagements enable my clients to tap my expertise in B2B technology and service sales.


Engaging at a deeper level, working work alongside founders and executives as they scale their growth operations. Projects range from sales scripts and channel partners to software configuration and deal scoping.


The most in-depth offering available, ownership projects often involve literally sitting next to a founder or executive team member to deliver go-to market assistance and owning business functions and outcomes.


The benefit of working with Harris is that you get access to proven experience and resources to help grow your business. Whether Harris can help deliver on a project, frame the challenge ahead, or introduce you to someone who can help, it all starts with a conversation.

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