I’m proud to advise aspiring entrepreneurs and work alongside business owners as they grow their companies. If this is you, consider listening to one of my podcasts: Hello Blink Show and Pipeline Meeting.

Hello Blink Show

Hello Blink Show is co-hosted with my friend Shawn Hymel. It’s a practical podcast for technical people who want to work for themselves. We curate interviews with a variety of experts and founders to bring the insights you need for your business.

Inbound Marketing Success with Jonathan Georgino Hello Blink Show

We check back in with Jonathan Georgino, who reports that sales have increased and inbound marketing efforts are starting to pay off. In addition, he tells a story about how he turned a potential legal battle into a collaboration effort.
  1. Inbound Marketing Success with Jonathan Georgino
  2. How to Do Video Marketing on YouTube with Daniel Bogdanoff
  3. Gaining Early Customers and Hiring Help with Natalie Luneva
  4. State of the Show
  5. Trailer

Pipeline Meeting

Pipeline Meeting is hosted by Harris Kenny. It’s a place to discuss the nuances of running sales for your own business and get updates on Harris’ Intro CRM project. Search wherever you get your podcasts or listen in the player below.

Intro CRM Basecamp Integration Pipeline Meeting

Hear about how the Intro CRM Basecamp integration works. And today's sales topic is ignorance. How much do you really need to know about your product to sell it? Plus, Harris upgraded his audio equipment. How does this sound?
  1. Intro CRM Basecamp Integration
  2. Intro CRM Beta Release
  3. Do grants count as sales?
  4. Should you sell to people you know?
  5. Personal News