A Note from Harris Kenny

I provide sales and marketing consulting services to businesses. In other words: I help grow companies like yours. After earning a degree in Economics from Pepperdine University I spent ten years in management consulting and in the technology industry, earning an MBA from the University of Denver in the evenings along the way. I have worked at every level from unpaid intern to the executive team, including serving as a member and treasurer of the board of directors for multiple organizations.

I cold called small businesses during the Great Recession. I was published in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and appeared on National Public Radio and Fox Business Network. I hired and managed entire sales and marketing teams through dozens of product releases and international expansion. I helped grow a two-time Inc. 500 fastest growing company and closed deals with Fortune 500 corporations. I drove brand strategy overhauls and helped place products in nation-wide advertising campaigns and earned media. I supported development and negotiations for channel programs with leading e-Commerce and brick-and-mortar retailers. I advised White House officials, members of Congress, and governors’ and mayors’ policy teams on emerging technologies, policy areas, innovation.

Over the years I have developed a network of talented businesses, agencies, and individuals that I will leverage to help achieve our goals together. Anything from outbound sales experts and graphic designers, to journalists and open source technologists. My network isn’t limited to conventional things either. Need a recommendation for an off-the-strip karaoke bar in Las Vegas? I’ve got you covered. Want the best donuts in Philadelphia? Done. It’s like a one-man band around here. An intentionally small business — it’s just me — and I don’t “scale.” My goal is to help your business scale. If I’m doing that well, we’ll keep working together and hopefully you will refer me to a friend when our work is done. I will work hard for you and do everything I can to help grow your business. Click the button below to contact me and start a conversation.

Thank you for your time and consideration,
Harris Kenny, Principal
Kenny Consulting Group, LLC

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