Today marks the beginning of a new adventure: Kenny Consulting Group, LLC is a solo practitioner business development consultancy founded and managed by Harris Kenny (that’s me). I am grateful for the opportunities I’ve had in my career to-date and I am eager to have the flexibility and independence that comes with working for myself.

After years of working in management consulting and in the technology industry, I am ready to offer my skills and network to provide the kind of services I wish were available to me. This spans sales and marketing, which I view as intertwined. Particularly, for the startups and small- to medium-sized businesses I plan on serving.

I am only taking on a few clients at a time, riding alongside them as we find ways to grow their businesses. My efforts will be broadly categorized as fitting into two categories: Strategy and Execution.


Asking for “more” sales is not enough. During strategy projects, we are going to take a step back and ask a lot of questions. My biggest focus is offering clarity in two areas: What are we doing to measurably increase sales? And what sales can we expect in the future? This spans sales, marketing, product roadmap, and more.

I want to sit down and talk about the customers you are serving. What problems are we solving for them (both known and unknown to them)? Who are they? What are they buying and why? What alternatives do they have?

When it comes to future sales, I want to sit down and ask what can we do to reduce pipeline uncertainty. (You may not even have a formal sales pipeline.) How focused is marketing on generated leads for the sales team? What metrics can we focus on higher in the sales/marketing funnel to anticipate future sales? How do we measure inputs that lead to sales? How do channel partners fit in the mix?


Now that we have an idea of where we are going and how we are going to get there, we have some work to do. Whether that means copywriting for landing pages, executing email campaigns, attending trade shows, or something entirely different.

If you are a startup or small- to medium-size business, odds are your team is overworked and may even be a little in over their heads in terms of the initiatives that need to be executed to drive the next stage of growth. I can jump in and work alongside your team while, in parallel, we develop a plan for how this work will be accomplished on an ongoing basis.

From cold calling to managing entire departments, I have worn a lot of hats and understand what it’s like to jump in and get to work. I have also sat on both sides of the negotiating table with service providers, both as a service provider and as an executive approving those contracts.

What’s Next

I am fortunate to have a few amazing clients that I’m working with out of the gate. Technology companies whose work I believe in, led by good people.

While I am eager to get to that work, I’d love to connect with you too to see how I can help you meet your goals for your business. We are a few months into 2019, is the year going as you expected? Is there anything off-track, or looming that you haven’t started yet?

Know somebody I might be able to help? I would appreciate you helping me spread the word as I get this business off the ground. Either way, thank you for taking time to read this post. Here goes!

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