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I offer my expertise as a fractional sales and marketing executive. In other words, I’m a part-time or contract-based resource to help grow your business. My clients are typically pursuing their next stage of growth, releasing a new product, entering a new market, reversing a decline in sales, or transitioning during a period of change for the business. 

My career centers around bringing enabling technologies and services to market. I specialize in institutional sales to businesses, schools, and government agencies, both direct and through channel partners. My clients’ buyers are typically engineers, educators, and executives leading digital transformation.

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Harris Kenny

Harris Kenny offers fractional sales and marketing executive services. Harris specializes in bringing enabling technologies and services to market to institutional buyers including businesses, schools, and government agencies. His clients' buyers are typically engineers, educators, and executives leading digital transformation.
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Our team greatly appreciated our time together with Harris. We all felt it was effort well spent and clarified a number of things we had been working towards. Frankly, it was nice to have Harris lead the process of discovery. Huge thanks for that.

Kenny Consulting Group delivered our website assets in a timely and professional manner. What really stood out was the effort Harris put into communicating details, as well as taking direction to match our companies brand and market audience. We will definitely work with Harris again for future projects.

Harris is a high performing self-starter with a consistent drive to achieve high reaching goals. He is a thoughtful leader with a undeniable ability to lead successful individuals and teams, with authenticity. Through his strong communication abilities, emotional intelligence, and analytic research he was able to define customer needs and recognize market changes. Harris’ acumen for organization and clarity in planning was a cornerstone in the successful development and release of products… I would recommend him for any role or project he considers.

Harris is an organized, efficient and extremely competent individual. He has excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, which allows him to build rapport with people of all ages. Harris has the ability to identify areas for improvement and takes the initiative to make the improvements when necessary. He will do whatever it takes to ensure the job gets done, and that the job gets done well. I highly recommend Harris for any position or endeavor he may seek to pursue. He will be a valuable asset for any organization.

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