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Goodbye for Now Hello Blink Show

Harris and I are sad to report that we have decided to shut down the Hello Blink Show. We had an incredible time creating the episodes, sharing knowledge about sales and marketing, and meeting amazing new people. We learned a lot from our guests, and we hope you did, too.We discuss some of the things we could have done better if we were to go back in time and redo the show: The name “Hello Blink Show” was a potential SEO miss. While it was a unique name and meant someone would land on our site when searching for that phrase, it did nothing to convey what the show was about. We need to find a way to break out of the core group of listeners who either knew us personally or followed one of us on social media. Find a way to build a community for technical people building or running their own companies. Chris Gammell’s Contextual Electronics Forum attracts a similar audience, and we would not want to compete with his forum. We would want to ramp up our production and marketing efforts to include releasing an episode every week as well as engage people more on social media (e.g. Twitter). Harris is pivoting his career to go from individualized consulting to building a virtual sales assistant. This pivot grew out of his experience developing Intro CRM. He found that even though Intro CRM provided a simplified set of CRM and sales tools, people were not using it. That revelation led to the idea of creating a productized service to literally help people with sales. Shawn is pivoting to focus on embedded machine learning and teaching as opposed to marketing consulting. Part of this focus includes doing research with the hope of being published in academic journals or pursuing a PhD.Hello Blink Show will continue to exist as an archive of episodes, but for the time being, we have no plans to produce future episodes.SponsorWe want to thank Twilio for sponsoring this episode! Twilio is a cloud platform that helps developers automate phone calls, text messages, and other communications through their web API. Check out for more information about using Twilio for automated messaging and IOT applications. List of ResourcesPodcast – Pipeline MeetingWebsite – Intro CRM Host Contact Informationshawnhymel.comkennyconsultinggroup.comLinkedIn – Shawn HymelLinkedIn – Harris KennyTwitter – Shawn HymelTwitter – Harris Kenny License Information“Hello Blink Show” by Kenny Consulting Group, LLC and Skal Risa, LLC is licensed under CC BY 4.0Intro and outro song is “Routine” by Amine Maxwell is licensed under CC BY 3.0
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Listen to episodes of Pipeline Meeting hosted by Harris. It’s a place for freelancers and founders to learn more about closing deals and growing their business.

Think and act like an owner with Lisa Cox at Teak & Twine Pipeline Meeting

How do you think and act like an owner as a marketer? Lisa Cox at Teak & Twine shares her approach and how it informs everything from coming up with campaigns to running revenue reporting. Highlights include:* Balancing business growth and personal goals. Lisa shares how her past experience as a business owner taught her how important it is to focus on business growth. Now that she's in-house, she finds ways to also drive personal growth and take risks.* Their most successful paid ad. It's a meme. Seriously. And they haven't been able to top it. Lisa shares how they develop creative concepts. They went too far but pulled it back and are striking the right tone.* B2B doesn't have to be boring. Beyond any one ad, they engage with the human-side of their prospects which include HR teams and other marketers. While also supporting a smaller DTC segment of their ecommerce business.* Expanding their definition of success. Strictly speaking, Lisa is responsible for sales pipeline. But she has gone rogue to build her own reports and track revenue since she knows what's what really matters. * Experimenting with ABM. Not wanting to invest heavily in data or tech, they found a scrappy way to experiment with ABM (account-based marketing) and achieved some pretty incredible results. Like a 50% meeting rate! Hear how.Find Lisa Cox: Teak & Twine:
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Watch Harris on Yahoo! Finance discussing digital fabrication of personal protective equipment (PPE) through Make 4 Covid, the volunteer-led initiative that he helped raise over $500k to make more than 45,000 pieces of equipment (and counting).


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